About us

Our primary goal is to help independent-minded travellers find villas that offer privacy, freedom of expression and genuine comfort in privileged locations around Greece.

All our villas have been handpicked and stand out first of all for their general aesthetic appeal but also for their architectural design, natural setting or distinctive character. Carefully chosen by a close-knit team of style-conscious travellers for like-minded clients, these hip residences will add a unique dimension and flair to your vacation.

At Hipaway, we are always on the lookout for that something different and eye-catching. Our travels to every corner of Greece bring new knowledge and impressions which we transform into specific proposals for villa rentals that go far beyond the usual and the predictable. We have ourselves stayed in some of the villas and wish to share our positive experience with you, because we know how uplifting it is to discover something uncommon – or even quite special – while on vacation. The bottom line is… if we didn’t want to stay in these villas ourselves, we wouldn’t be proposing them.

In each villa, you will find not only the comfort you seek but also the freedom you need. For the duration of your stay, it will become your home, where you can live just as you please. The key to the door is also the key to a truly memorable vacation experience.