Saronic Islands

Conveniently located close to the Greek mainland, frequent ferry and hydrofoil connections plus a pleasant climate make the picturesque islands of the Argosaronic Gulf an easily accessible destination all year round. And while these tiny havens offer all the sun, sea and leisurely ambience typical of most Greek islands, each has its own highly distinctive character which makes their exploration an intriguing prospect.


"This purity, this wild and naked perfection" is how writer Henry Miller described Hydra. Once home to singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, location of the film "Boy on a Dolphin" starring Sophia Loren, this captivating island in the Saronic Gulf has long attracted travellers, artists and romantics. They were lured by its natural beauty, distinctive charm, fine architecture and... absence of cars. Thankfully, very little has changed. Just one hour by hydrofoil from Piraeus and visitors can be sunning themselves on lovely pebble beaches, hiking along ancient paths or enjoying the cosmopolitan nightlife. Highlights include the labyrinthine port town with its imposing 18th century mansions, the fascinating Historical Archives Museum and horse treks to explore the unspoiled countryside

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