Dodecanese Islands

The southernmost group of Greek islands offers visitors a diverse range of experiences. With little known places of outstanding natural beauty, well preserved medieval settlements and rural communities that maintain deeply-rooted customs and traditions, the Dodecanese exude a timeless energy and an almost surreal serenity. Strategically located in the eastern Aegean, the islands share the varied history of a region coveted by Romans, Crusaders, Venetians and Ottomans, resulting in a remarkable cultural and architectural legacy.


Lipsi, the untouched allure of the Dodecanese, invites you to embrace the castaway vibe with pristine beaches, scenic hikes, and authentic taverna dining. Explore crystal-clear waters and thyme-scented paths through olive groves, discovering historic landmarks like Panagia tou Harou, while indulging in Lipsi's thriving wine scene. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Lipsi offers a tranquil haven waiting to be explored.

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